Beauty Below the Surface

Being a ScubaGirl is a way of life.

It's about living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment both under the water and during the sometimes long and rocky surface intervals. It's about conquering fears and never giving up. It's about being strong even in the toughest currents and knowing that as a ScubaGirl nothing is impossible


Recent Articles

Meet Marta from @theseanditscreatures!

By: Marta (@theseanditscreatures)

First, I would like to start with a brief introduction of myself. I am a 21 year old marine biology student and scuba instructor from Italy, but based in the UK, very keen on taking part in interesting adventures and travels. I have been diving since I was 10, thanks to my dad, my biggest inspiration. As soon as I turned 18, I got my Divemaster and consequently my scuba instructor certification.

Beautiful Bonaire

By: Scubagal

We reached out to Scubagal to ask her about her favourite dive spot..and like any diver, her response was, "picking a favourite is super hard!" Not to worry, she chose one of her favourite locations and provided us with this awesome article about some of her top dive spots in Bonaire. Enjoy her article, and then head on over to her site to plan your next trip to Cozumel, Cayman, or Belize, among others!

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Meet Cristina Zenato

By: Cristina Zenato and the ScubaGirl Team

We managed to steal a few minutes from Cristina Zenato - Shark Expert, Educator and Conservationist - to ask her about her love of diving and her work with sharks in the Bahamas! 

Cristina is full of heart and passion for everything that she does, and it can all be seen through this interview!